Machine Learning & Electric Vehicle Mobility

Using AI/machine learning to discover behavioral failures in sustainable transportation infrastructure. The EV charging market is expected to grow to $27 billion USD by 2027.

Dynamic Pricing & Behavioral Experiments

Price versus nonprice incentives? Investigating the use of mobile apps and big data to understand the effects of pricing and information-based nudges for resource consumption at the point-of-use.

Smart Cities & Housing Analytics

Using of open data platforms to solve data silo challenges in collaboration with City governments.

Sustainable Plastics

Ocean plastics are on the rise. How can we use behavioral insights to reduce micro-plastics from residential waste streams.

Can we use AI and patents to predict more equitable EV innovation?

Our goal in this project is to change the policy narrative concerning electric vehicle deployment from debates over subsidizing car sales for affluent communities to ensuring more equitable community access to future infrastructure. We are using data strategies at the individual and organizational level to reveal new barriers and opportunities. Our team includes innovation and policy scholars with students from economics, computing and engineering.